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Money Account

Save as you spend with a Money Account from Old Mutual.

The Old Mutual Money Account is an affordable banking solution that can help you save as you swipe! Enjoy our top security features, easy deposits and withdrawals, higher growth potential on your savings and instant access to your money - for only R4.50/m...

Money Account Mobile App


The Old Mutual Banking App lets you manage your money, on the move.

As a Money Account holder, you'll get easy access to your SWIPE and SAVE accounts with our user-friendly mobile app. The power to view transfers and balances, make payment-related transactions and manage your beneficiaries, is right in the palm of your hand...

Couple planning personal loan

Personal Loans

A Personal Loan from Old Mutual Finance can help you gain financial freedom.

With a My Money Plan, you can take out a personal loan, or a combination of personal loans, for up to R175 000 - over a period of up to 60 months! This will also allow you to add, and/or consolidate your debt - simplifying your repayments...